Discover how to turn yourself or your team into a “Sales Rep Machine adding LARGE profit centers to your business without spending more money on advertising”

“Here’s your chance to get have a team of sale and marketing veterans who have closed over 1million phones sales and 1million sales online – on YOUR side”

Using our Hybrid Selling & Marketing (Advertising + Hybrid Selling + Sales Rep Machine), You’ll Turbo Charge Performance Without Increasing Your Risk

With Hybrid Selling & Marketing You Increase Your Sales, Efficiency, and Customer Engagement

Our Formula: T+E+C3/ Quantity

By combining technology with email marketing, content, chat/messaging, and calls, you’ll dramatically increase your “engagement per contact” which comes from your advertising.

Attention is like the bitcoin of advertising. There isn’t a static value to it, but if you can harness its power, you’ll be able to control your sales and customer engagement like no one in your industry.

There's absolutely nowhere in the world where you'll have a team of sales reps and marketers that have closed over 1million sales on the phone, one at a time, and over 1million sales online. …

If You’re Consistently Advertising Your Business & Looking For A Way To Grow Without Breaking Your Current Business Model, We’ll Show You How To Increase Sales Without Increasing Your Ad Budget Proportionally Using Our Sales Reps Machine Software and attending our SRM Virtual 1 Week Workshop from anywhere in the world/Coaching Program

Whether your ad budget is 100% Organic, word of mouth, $500/month or 1 Billion Dollars, doubling your sales does not just mean doubling your ad budget or input.
The problems:

Problem #1: Rising costs of advertising and gaining organic attention.

Ad costs continue to rise, but you’ll be able to sustain your profitability because of the increased engagement, that you’ll get from the same number of eyeballs.

Problem #2: Increasing complexity and price of software for getting attention and more customers.

Software cost and integrations can get extremely time consuming and pricy, that’s why we’ve combined our system with custom software that’ll allow you to take a cold or warm lead from any of the top crms and instantly integrate them into our hybrid selling software without paying thousands of dollars to get custom integrations created by “non marketers”.

Once they are in the software, we’ll show you how to connect with your leads via sms, email, and sales calls even if you don’t want to do the sales calls yourself.

“Sales Rep Machine” was created to allow you to get a 10X return from the time and money you invest into having other reps sell your products for you.

How a young kid living on the southside of Chicago discovered a hybrid marketing & selling system that has made his partners 9 figures in sales...

After becoming sales rep of the year for one of the biggest media companies ever, I discovered how to combine social media, digital marketing, and sales reps into a business model that your competitors will never be able to catch up with.

Whether you're a consultant, author, local business, SaaS company or public figure, you know that marketing online & hiring sales reps can dramatically increase your business!

The problem: You're the number 1 sales person and marketer of your business, but you can't both run your business and sell your product or service at the same time.

Even the rep of the year can get fired...

I got fired, found online marketing and started one of the BIGGEST review sites online, and sold over 7 figures in licensed marketing courses and web development.

I combined digital marketing with my PERFECT SALES SCRIPT and was making more in 6 months than I made at my job in 2 years.

The point is that ONE SALES REP can increase your sales by leaps and bounds, but you might not know where to start, especially if you've tried in the past and have been burnt.

Your business could be doing million in sales per year, but you could be doing your whole hiring a training wrong. Or you could be just getting started and thinking you have to do all the selling yourself.

I was doing well, but I had to replace myself.

While working with over 100 sales reps, I discovered how to hire ONLY the best sales people using 80/20 principles.

But I almost lost it all when Google SLAPPED me and all of my partners....

Just a little history about the Google Slap; Back in mid 2006, Google shocked AdWords advertisers when they made a huge change in their Google AdWords policy. They introduced a quality score for the landing pages of AdWords ads. 

Most AdWords advertisers design their campaigns to lead visitors directly to a very simple one-page sales letter. If the advertiser promotes another’s product as an affiliate the landing sales page is not even his own but there might be several other affiliate products or services.

Google’s quality score criteria assign low ratings to such landing pages and as a consequence raise the minimum keyword bids for such ads – in some cases dramatically. There were many advertisers who were put out of business over night by being confronted with a sudden bid raise from several cents to several dollars......Many advertisers like me realized that there was no way to continue a profitable campaign this way. And so just like that... 

90% of my traffic disappeared...

I was faced with a huge obstacle go out of business like so many other businesses did, or figure it out. 

Since I didn’t want a giant like Google or any other company what may come along later to literally hold my business in the palm of its hands, I decided to focused hard on training a few reps, setting up two partnerships and guess what happened? 

Our sales went up 4X with no paid search traffic...NOW yours can too! 
In fact, we have over 100 strategies you can use to quickly get results and here’s one of the BEST and most cost effective that I’ve found…and you’ll get it all in….

The Sales Rep Machine System…

The Sales Rep Machine is an 8-week done WITH you system. This breakthrough system empowers you with a team of sales marketing veterans who have closed over 1million phone sales and 1million sales online – on YOUR side. In fact, this one-of-a-kind system equips you with 9 profit-producing modules.

You can have all of that and more today by saying YES to the Sales Rep Machine ….

But we’re not charging anywhere near that amount you might think we would for this unique system. In fact, we’re only going to change… 

-NOT $1,997
-NOT $797
-Not $597 

But only $XXX for this mind-blowing, conversion boosting, and overall sales producing system.
Yes, that is right… you are only going to pay $XXX for a chance to boost your overall sales utilizing a team of sales marketing veterans who have closed over 50,000 phones sales and more than 100,000 sales online.
And if you have ever wasted money on other sales products or “sales gurus” then you know exactly what kind of deal we’re am offering.
But give us just and second, we’re going to sweeten the deal with…


We’ll close your next high-end deal for you so that you can train yourself or your team using the system and our sales approach. Just 1 or 2 sales covers your investment for the year and you’ll be able to scale your new marketing and sales juggernaut from there.

Your Current Business:

In your current business, whether you have 1000 prospect or 40 prospects per month, you’ll be able to increase sales without dramatically increase your ad budget or time commitment.

The Only Software and Coaching You’ll Need to Double Your Sales with Hybrid Selling & Marketing

We Guarantee Your Success

What exactly does that mean?
Well it means that we are so confident and so sure that our Sales Rep Machine System will work for you that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is!
If you order today, you are not only are you going to get this system, but you are also going to have 1 FULL YEAR to test out the secrets, to put the methods into effect and to see – for yourself – just how much our Sales Rep Machine System can change your life. 

There's nowhere in the world where you'll have a team of sales reps and marketers that have closed over 1million sales on the phone, one at a time, and over 1million sales online. But if you aren’t 100% satisfied with any part of the system… all you have to do is let us know and we will instantly refund your money.
We want to take out all the risk, we want to cut out the worry and we want to help you become the success you know you can be.